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Starter Save Part 37 – Chain Game 24 – GTA San Andreas

NordVPN affiliate link https://go.nordvpn.net/aff_c?offer_id=612&aff_id=64730&url_id=14830
Download GTA San Andreas for PC (full game) http://amzn.to/2ADrm76
Download GTA San Andreas for Android (full game) http://amzn.to/2kwHnI0 Starter Save – The Chain Game Helmut – GTA San Andreas PC – complete walkthrough (showing all details) – achieving ??.??% Game Progress before doing the story missions – no cheats – Frame Limiter ON In this video I did the following: I have the Game Progress listed as ??.??% because I don't know yet how much progress can be achieved, but it's much higher than 13.37%, which is the percentage that can be acquired on an unmodified game. The Chain Game is a modified saved-game that can be played on any unmodified version of San Andreas. It doesn't require any special applications; simply load it up and play. It was started by JAJ as an un-modded game, but has expanded to become more a elaborate modified game. The modifications were done by P.D.Escobar, OrionSR, and rubregg. The Chain Game has several additions made to it. Those additions as well as a further explanation can be found in the Mission Help section for San Andreas at GTAForums. You can also play the game with others (anyone can play). This is the link to Round #55: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=459284&st=0&#entry1060127397 Some of the additions include Jetpacks and extra weapons. I consider those items to be cheats, so I do not use them in these videos. You'll notice that there are armories full of weapons, but I won't touch any of them; I only pickup weapons that would be available in an unmodified game only. This is a complete walkthrough that shows how to achieve ??.??% Game Progress before doing the story missions. The first story mission is called "In The Beginning" , and it has already been completed. That mission is really just a cut-scene that shows Carl leaving Liberty City, and then arriving in San Andreas, where he's accosted by Tenpenny and Pulaski. A Starter Save is when all side-missions, collectables, etc are completed prior to doing the mission 'Big Smoke' . Normally that would also include maxing out all of Carl's skills, money, etc, but this video is limited to essentials. All of the techniques in this video were created and developed by me. I did use jheath's suggestion about using Teargas to help slow the cops down. Here's a list of what has or will be completed, meaning some of the things on this list may not have been completed in this particular video, but in a later video instead: C.J. has never been Wasted or Busted. C.J. has the following:
1) He is wearing the white shorts from the Chiliad Challenge, and is marked up with tattoos from both San Fierro and Las Ventures. He also has full muscles.
2) All available Safehouses have been purchased. The following side-missions have been completed:
1) Firefighter
2) Paramedic
3) Taxi
4) Pimping
5) Burglary
6) Vigilante
7) The Roboi's Food Mart Courier Mission in Los Santos
8) The Hippy Shopper Courier Mission in San Fierro
9) The Burger Shot Courier Mission in Las Venturas Also, the following Challenges have been completed:
1) BMX
2) Chiliad Challenge, Scotch Bonnet
3) Chiliad Challenge, Birdseye Winder
4) Chiliad Challenge, Cobra Run
5) NRG-500 And, all of the Stadium Events have been completed:
1) 8-Track
2) Blood Ring
3) Kickstart
4) Dirt Track In addition to all of that:
1) 100 out of 100 Tags have been sprayed
2) 50 out of 50 Snapshots have been taken
3) 50 out of 50 Oysters have been collected
4) 50 out of 50 Horseshoes have been collected The following Schools have been completed:
1) Bike
2) Boat All but 4 of the Street/Air Races have been completed. There are no failed missions. The Saved Game from the end of this video https://gtasnp.com/68W7ZU The Chain Game beginner saved games can be downloaded here. These Saved Games are nearly impossible to save if you've been Busted or Wasted:
Chain Game 37 http://gtasnp.com/dl/20596
Chain Game 38 http://gtasnp.com/dl/20271
Chain Game 39 http://gtasnp.com/dl/23052
Chain Game 46 http://gtasnp.com/dl/18551
Chain Game 47 http://gtasnp.com/dl/18983
Chain Game 48 http://gtasnp.com/dl/19472
Chain Game 49 http://gtasnp.com/dl/19874 Save the file on your PC here:
\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files Recorded using Fraps
NO CHEATS were used.
PC Version 2.0 with v2 scripts
Frame Limiter ON The audio inside of Caligula's Palace was edited to remove the music in the background, so CJ's footsteps don't match the audio.
There are some edits in this video, but I tried to keep them to a minimum. The edits are do to the fact that I had to pause the game to find certain items, such as Gang Tags, Oysters, etc. I edited out the pauses that were made to the main menu, and then carefully removed those pauses from the video so that it couldn't be seen.
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GTA V – Do all cars have same sized Fuel tank?

GTA V – Do all cars have same sized Fuel tank?
Available in 1440p QHD 60fps My Merchandise:
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My Review of The New Cayo Perico Island Races! Are They Worth It?

In this video i review the new Cayo Perico Island Races and offer my opinions on wether ornot they are good or bad and if they are worth it. In my opinion they are fun offer a good variety of race types…. but…. the payouts even when 2x are still low and i still would like the island to be utilized for TDM and free roam but that is fo another video lol. Thanks everyone and have a great day!!! Heyooo whats going on everybody my name is Tylarious! I make Videos and Livestream Daily! I play Rockstar Games, FPS, and more! The GTA Online Content I create are things like Legitimate Money Guides, Money Grinds, Business Guides, Car Reviews, Top Lists, Tutorials, Live Streams, and way more. I am your Ultimate Guide for Everything GTA Online! Subscribe, Turn On Notifications, and Drop a Like! Thanks! Become a Member on my channel and get shout-outs on Videos, Live Streams, and even more Perks. Follow this Link right here to become a MEMBER https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9C95npo2PgAg1f_Zy3HdBQ/join SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: DROP A LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!!
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Maude – GTA V (First Person) [100% Gold Medal Mission Walkthrough]

Subscribe to Tom's GTA Cheats: http://subscribe.tomsgtacheats.com/ Maude – Ralph Ostrowski Ralph Ostrowski is the first person you need to catch for Maude, in the email Maude says that “I got this tip-off this particular reprobate has been hiding out at the quarry. Slippery character by all accounts so you might have a runner on your hands.”. He is located at Davis Quartz, Blaine County. Maude – Larry Tupper Larry Tupper is the second person you need to catch for Maude, in the email Maude says that “If my sources serve me correctly, this pillar of society has been spotted hiding out in an old barn with a few of his cronies. He’s a meth dealer with a history of violence so you two should get along just fine :)”. He is located at a farm, southwest of the Grand Senora Desert. Maude – Glenn Scoville Glenn Scoville is the third person you need to catch for Maude, in the email Maude says that “This next feller’s the worst kind of criminal there is — a banker. And looking at some of the videos he’s posted online, he fancies himself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie and internet celebrity on the side. So he’ll be a real pleasure to put behind bars.”. He is located at the top of Mount Chiliad. Maude – Curtis Weaver Curtis Weaver is the fourth and final person you need to catch for Maude, in the email Maude says that “This old-timer’s one of them crazy anti-establishment types, lives outside the system in some kind of hobo camp. Might look harmless but watch yourself, he’s got a couple of screws loose alright.”. He is located at Dignity Village, Blaine County. Read the text walkthrough for these missions on our website here: https://www.tomsgtacheats.com/grand-theft-auto-v/missions/strangers-freaks/ Website: http://www.tomsgtacheats.com
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BEST GRIEFER FAILS OF 2022! | GTA Online Top 30 Clips of July 2022!

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Playing as a New Family in GTA5GrandRP|| Tutorial|| GTA 5 Mods||

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Most of the factions have unique, custim interiors and elements of clothes. Also, we created additional systems, including prison, where you can train your strength and work a bit.
Dont want to live alone and want to travel a lot, start some adventure? Just create your own family and take part in daily events, fighting for organisation spheres of influence and bussinesses. Collect earnings and buy new DLC cars bariants from real life, that now more than 300 copies!
3️⃣ Or you want to prove your family is the best? Every few month's "Families battle" is taking place, in which you step by step moving to the top of standings, reaching the final place and proving your superiority (real good for blogers, a lot of content)!
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Clean Wound’s Blood – GTA V PC

This mod cleans the wound's blood from the clothes if the player goes swimming or if the health is restored to 100%.
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The new GTA Online update in a nutshell..

The new ''The Criminal Enterprises'' DLC is out now. In this video me and Dave will cover what is new and we do that very poorly. 🟡 Join GrandRP by following this link right here: https://gta5grand.com/?ref=2347 🟡 Become a member now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn4JrFLNPAXRd9Tpk7DcsLA/join
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__________ Sonny Evans
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GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises DLC All 12 NEW Unreleased Vehicles

GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises DLC All 12 NEW Unreleased Vehicles 12 Unreleased Vehicles:
– BF Weevil Custom
– Benefactor LM87
– Benefactor SM722
– Grotti Brioso 300 Widebody
– Declasse Draugur
– Dinka Kanjo SJ
– Dinka Postlude
– Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8
– Obey 10F
– Obey 10F Widebody
– Sentinel Classic Widebody
– Ubermacht Rhinehart Source:

GTA 6 Will be “Photorealistic” Says Rockstar Game Dev

▶A New Leak by a Rockstar Developer Says GTA 6 Will be "Photorealistic" which is very exciting! Donate to me here: https://streamlabs.com/datsaintsfan More of Me! •My Discord: https://discord.gg/saintsfan
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Thumbnail Pic by:
Quant V on Flickr 🎼Music
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How To Add New Mission pack In GTA Vice City | SHAKEEL GTA

Recommended for you How To Add New Mission pack In GTA Vice City | SHAKEEL GTA Hello Friends agar aap GTA Vice City ki game ko Apne PC main free main Add New Missions Karna Chahte Hain To is video ko Skip Na Karen 100% working cheats code hai aap is video Ko Mukammal Dekhen This is prody Grand Theft Auto Vice City with mods and Cheats! don't be Serious 🙂 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar north and published by Rockstar games it was released on 29 October 2002 for the PlayStation 2, on 12 may 2003 for Microsoft Windows, and on 31 october 2003 for the Xbox. An enhanced version was released for mobile platforms in 2012, for the games 10th anniversary. it is the sixth title in the Grand Theft Auto series and the First main entry sense 2001's Grand Theft Auto III. set within the fictional Vice City, based on Miami, the game follow Tommy vercetti following his release from prison. after he is catch up is an ambushed drug deal, He seeks out those responsible while building a criminal empire and seizing power from other criminal organisation in the city. File link 🔗https://www.mediafire.com/file/zhn20vwgrizxweb/data.rar/file GTA Vice City
How To Add
How To Add
How To Add New How To Add New Mission
How To Add New Missions
How To Add New Missions In GTA Vice City
How To Add (100+) New Missions In GTA Vice City ( New 2022 )
100+ New Mission in GTA Vice City
add 100+ New Mission in GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Final Mission pack
How to install final mission pack in GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City New Mission Install
how to install New Mission in GTA Vice City GTA Vice City Most important Cheat Code 2021 GTA Vice City Sea Sparrow Helicopter Cheat Code https://youtu.be/GvfBfyqxxrI GTA Vice City Car On Water Cheat Code https://youtu.be/Be_-oAvqXJ0 GTA Vice City Car Big Wheels Cheat Code https://youtu.be/9qHu9C9p9Dw GTA Vice City Hunter Helicopter Cheat Code https://youtu.be/nwpG0wB7ARY GTA Vice City Swimming Cheat Code https://youtu.be/uwvlDEXsYRY GTA Vice City jetpack Cheat Code https://youtu.be/nZycSrSt_N0 Specially Thanks For SHAKEEL GTA Viewers ♡♡♡Thank you so much ☆Please Subscribe My Channel ☆ #gtaViceCity
#Vice City

GTA V All vehicles in wrong vehicle brands | karin kuruma/ toyota Lancer?

In this video I'll show GTA V vehicles which are in mistakenly or intentionally put in wrong vehicle brand by rockstar. This list will be based on real life vehicles and brands. #gta5online #GTAV #SD1ONE Full GTA V VS Real Life Playlist:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qggJ5YTpO74&list=PLMd0rYNjC9JKQUNMa42QCOmrIEjN4m4SE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sd1one_yt/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sd1one/
Tweeter: https://twitter.com/SD1ONE 0:00 Intro
0:07 We'll do this brand wise
0:20 Albany wrong vehicles
0:46 BF wrong vehicles
1:04 Bravado Wrong Vehicles
1:30 Brute wrong vehicles
1:51 Canis Wrong Vehicles
2:06 Chariot wrong base car
2:15 Coil Wrong Vehicles
2:31 Declasse Wrong Vehicles
3:03 Dinka Wrong Vehicles
3:23 Same car in different brands
3:29 Dundreary wrong vehicles
3:39 Grotti wrong vehicles
3:49 HVY wrong vehicles
4:10 Imponte Wrong vehicles
4:25 Jobuilt wrong vehicles
4:41 Karin Wrong vehicles
5:02 Lampadati wrong vehicles
5:12 Maibatsu wrong vehicles
5:33 Mammoth wrong vehicles
5:48 Nagasaki wrong vehicles
6:09 Ocelot wrong vehicles
6:19 Overflod for reference
6:29 Pegassi wrong vehicles
7:01 Principe wrong vehicles
7:10 Shitzu wrong vehicles
7:20 Stanley wrong vehicles
7:30 Ubermatcht wrong vehicles
7:40 Vapid wrong vehicles
8:07 Vulcar wrong vehicles
8:17 western wrong vehicles
8:32 Accurate brands
8:50 Other Brands for reference
9:20 Outro Click me!

AWESOME GTA 5 STUNTS & FAILS #2 (Funny Moments Compilation)

GTA 5 Funny Moments : AWESOME GTA 5 Stunts & Fails (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments)
Sup guys, this is my newest GTA 5 Stunts & fails compilation 🙂 ►Previous video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNztKYMeHvs&list=PLsjIFNA9MLt0RsWmjWkT91ps7WulOZ-ap&index=1
►Click to sub' : https://www.youtube.com/user/redkeymon?sub_confirmation=1
►Follow me : https://twitter.com/redkeymon
►Like Me : https://www.facebook.com/redkeymon Music by various artists (will update) 0:00 Disfigure – Blank
0:52 OVERWERK – Monstercat – 3 Year Anniversary – 10 House (feat. Nick Nikon)
1:43 Spektrem – Shine [NCS Release]
1:24 Christian Baczyk – The Brutality Code
2:46 OMFG – Hello
4:27 Tobu – Higher
3:28 Christian Baczyk – Possession
3:42 Aero Chord – Surface [Monstercat Release]
5:20 Vagabond – Greenskeepers
6:45 Feint – Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) – Monstercat Release
Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech.com
8:29 Christian Baczyk – Continuum
9:10 Christian Baczyk – Shattered Afterlife
9:50 Alan Walker – Spectre Thanks for your support guys! nothing without you 🙂 My best GTA 5 Funny Moments : AWESOME GTA 5 STUNTS & FAILS (Funny Moments Compilation) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOvtMNuU9gg&list=PLsjIFNA9MLt0RsWmjWkT91ps7WulOZ-ap&index=3 My playlists :
• GTA 5 Stunts Montage : http://goo.gl/eJBFyi
• GTA 5 Online Funny Moments & Fails : http://goo.gl/1ReJ1c As always, leave a like or a comment if you appreciated my video, and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel if you like my GTA V channel!
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